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Hire Your Chamber

Chamber Staff

Michele Allison
Michele Allison
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Blair Bugg
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Autumn Stell

Director of Marketing & Events

Hire Your Chamber

That sounds strange, doesn't it? All these years you have been asked to 'join' your Chamber, but each member does a lot more than just join when they pay their membership investment.

Your Chamber does many things for the business and professional communities and general public which they might not be able to do alone. Your Chamber provides services and benefits that completely overshadow your costs - that is, your membership investment.

You hire Your Chamber:

  • As a watch-dog to protect your interest in local, state and national legislation that may affect your business community.
  • To work for more and better job opportunities for the people who patronize your business.
  • To promote a good public image of your community for business and industry.
  • To assist you in marketing your product and services.

Now, doesn't that phrase 'Hire your Chamber' sound logical? When you write a check for your membership, think of it in these terms. You are hiring your Chamber, its staff and services, as a valuable part of your business or profession.

Your investment is deductible as a 'necessary item of business expense.' It is not a contribution or gift you are's an investment in your business and your community!

Membership Investment Schedule

Membership investment in the Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce is based on the number of employees.

Business Base Dues
$250     1-5 Employees
$375     6-10 Employees
$450     11-20 Employees
$575     21-30 Employees
*More than 30 employees is negotiated with the President & CEO

$250     Non-Profit Organizations
$100     Churches
$300     Associate members

Membership investments are on a yearly basis, and renewed on the anniversary date. New Investors are welcomed and recognized at the monthly luncheon following receipt of their membership investment, and listed in the newsletter. There is a one-time $25 administrative fee charged to new Investors. Membership is paid in advance, and can be paid by check, cash or credit card.

The Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization. Dues are deductible as a regular business expense.

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