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Financial Letter and Packet

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Request for Statement of Qualifications - Financial Advisor

Background Information:

The Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce's mission:

"Leading the Angleton area and Brazoria County as the "Community of Choice" for business and family."

Chambers of Commerce are the heart of the local economy. Celebrating and promoting the diversity and uniqueness of their communities, Chambers of Commerce form the fabric of America. The Chamber members, staff, board, ambassadors and a vast network of citizens work together to promote growth and the enhancement of the quality of life in the Angleton area. We want Angleton to be "The Community of Choice" for both business and family.


The Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce was established in 1958, with more than 470 members, 17 board members, and 3 staff members.

Description of required financial services

The financial advisor to the Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce would oversee and be appropriately qualified to manage The Chamber's investment portfolio and employee 401K accounts.  The ideal candidate will understand the fiduciary duties of portfolio management and be prepared to give advice and recommendations for the most beneficial management of funds.

Contents of SOQ

The SOQ should be clearly marked "Statements of Qualification to Provide Financial Advisor Services". It should not exceed ten (10) pages in length (excluding resumes and other supporting information included as appendices), include responder's contact information, and contain requested qualification criteria as outlined.


The SOQ document should address the qualifications and ability to provide financial services as required by the Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce, including;

Qualifications and expertise:

  1. A description of your firm including ownership, services provided, number of employees, and number of years in business.
  2. A resume detailing the education and experience of the individual responsible for managing the Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce account.
  3. A statement detailing the reason(s) the Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce should select you and your firm for the management of its financial resources.
  4. The selected firm must be a current member in good standing, or become a member, of the Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce during the time of the account management.

Work plan

  1. Role pertaining to the financial advising regarding the Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce investment of reserve and other funds, and also arbitrage and other compliance.
  2. Willingness and availability to make presentations to the Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, when requested.
  3. For more details, contact The Chamber staff for information on management account and 401k investments.

Conflicts of interest

Please provide a current copy of your Form U4 (Uniform Application for Securities Industry registration or Transfer).


Each submission will be relied upon to be true and accurate.


An evaluation and selection committee of the Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors members will convene to consider all responsive SOQs submitted.


Please provide a sample fee proposal with any information relevant to cost.


A responder may modify or withdraw his or her SOQ at any time before the submission deadline by providing to the SOQ Contact a written modification or a written statement withdrawing the SOQ. Modifications received by the SOQ Contact after the submission deadline will be rejected as invalid.


Any expense for the requestor, including time, preparing, submitting, and presenting a SOQ, attending meetings in relation to the SOQ, discussions, contract negotiations and all travel, dining, lodging, and communication expenses will be borne by the responder.

The Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce assumes no liability for any costs incurred by a responder in responding to this Request for SOQ. The Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce assumes no liability for any costs incurred by a responder relating to fee and contract negotiations. Responder will not bill for any expense that was incurred prior to the time that the contract is signed by all parties.

ASSIGNMENT The successful responder shall not assign or subcontract any portion of its or their obligations under a contract without the prior written consent of The Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce. Assignment or subcontracting shall in no way relieve a responder of any of his/her obligations under a contract.


Please provide a copy of your privacy disclosure to acknowledge privacy for Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce protected under known policy.


Available upon request.


Any questions and/or requests for clarification should be submitted by email to the SOQ Contact. Responses to substantive questions, and responses to requests for clarification, will be provided in the form of an addendum to this Request for SOQ.


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